Here’s How To Get A White Card For Construction

The Construction Induction training program online, is not only the most affordable way of completing the training, but it’s also the most convenient.

In state’s like Queensland, where the construction industry makes up more than 10 per cent of the workforce, construction is a pillar of the economy, generating more than $22 billion, it’s important that safety is prioritised so that productivity can be supported. Accidents are costly both in money and human suffering which is why the federal government mandated construction induction training in the form of the white card course.

White card training teaches people that will frequently find themselves on construction sites for work, about the hazardous and high risk building environments.

Getting White Card Training Online In Nsw Made Easy

Important Information about the NSW White Card 

The NSW WorkSafe White Card is not available online but only through costly, time-consuming courses with face-to-face training at a traditional training institution. However National recognition legislation allows White Cards issued in other states to be recognised on NSW worksites.

Completing the course with us online means you will receive a Queensland issued White Card which is accepted on all NSW construction sites.

Things have been a lot easier for workers in NSW because they can complete the course online and receive their white card in the mail. There is never any need to leave your home, simply register online and make the payment by credit card.